Zeecol Advisory Team



Conley Hansen ‐ Professor of Food Sciences & Director of Graduate programs, at Utah State University.

Conley Hansen is co‐owner of the IBR Patent and assists Zeecol with technical issues related to converting waste into high-quality feeds. He also owns a laboratory that specialises in cow muck.


Steve Turton ‐ District Manager for MTU Onsite Energy, Melbourne.

A division of Rolls-Royce, MTU develops and implements onsite energy from regenerative fuels specialising in combined heat and power systems from biofuels. This machine burns the methane, captures the heat from the engine, and creates heat and refrigeration – air-conditioning, electrical output, and heating or chilling. Mr. Turton advises Zeecol on power systems.

Denis Clodic - CEO at Cryo Pur in Paris, France.

Dr. Denis Clodic invented the cryogenic gas separator. Dr. Clodic assists Zeecol in evaluating and optimizing gas management systems. He holds seven worldwide patents on improved gas separation technology. This makes Cryo Pur the cutting edge in biogas treatment, pushing the limits of energy efficiency.


John Kuyf ‐ Managing Director and Owner of REL (Rakaia Engineering) Group

A provider of integrated farming solutions to South Island dairies since 1987, John Kuyf manages a team of sixty with many subcontractors and seasonal staff. REL works closely with the dairy industry as a leader in shed structures, platforms, and manufacture of innovative milk and product management on the farm. Mr. Kuyf brings site management and construction expertise to Zeecol.

Fritz Wintersteller ‐ Senior Vice President of Product Development for Schott Glass.

Schott Glass offers superior products for photobioreactors to the algae market and its borosilicate CONTURAX system provides for optimum algae growth at the highest growth rates. Mr. Wintersteller is Zeecol’s photobioreactor specialist.


Willy Leferink ‐ Federated Farmers Dairy chairperson and owner of a number of dairy farms throughout New Zealand.

In addition to being a Zeecol client for his barn operation in Mid Canterbury, he provides direction in farmer training and farm interface to the Zeecol System.


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